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June 18, 2024

Why Commercial EV Charging is Crucial For Industrial Estates

The Importance of EV Charging for Industrial Estates

At Connekt HQ the conversations on charging infrastructure are of course always a focal point for us. The increasing demand for charging stations is evident, but while industrial estates are uniquely positioned to capitalise on this extra revenue stream, and with a ready-and-waiting market - we see 90% of them without EV charging facilities. Why?!

Whether for staff members turning up to workplaces, contractors visiting businesses, or even traffic passing nearby - industrial estates have all of the key ingredients for a successful EV charging infrastructure:

* Carpark spaces with available capacity

* Regular traffic arriving on site (whether staff members or visiting contractors)

* Perfectly placed near arterial roads (ancillary traffic that will pick up and direct EV drivers to these EV chargers)

* A need play their part in the UK hitting its Net Zero targets

Does Your Workplace Offer EV Charging?

As cities grow smarter and more populated, the opportunities to integrate EV charging infrastructure within industrial estates become more critical. At the time of writing there are currently 1.1m EV cars on the road*. Whether this is from the property owners, or from the business owners themselves - these spaces are drastically in need of more EV charging facilities up and down the country - and that is something Connekt EV Charging is keen to resolve.

This article explores the benefits for businesses in these areas and emphasises the significance of using advanced solutions like Connekt EV Charging software.

Benefits for Industrial Estates

1. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Image - Sustainability is a growing priority in the business world. By installing EV charging infrastructure, industrial estates can significantly enhance their eco-friendly credentials. This not only helps in marketing but also places EV charging-inclusive properties ahead of their competitors. Investing in EV infrastructure ensures that buildings are future-proof, aligning with the global shift towards a more sustainable future.

2. Increased Property Value and Appeal - Offering EV charging stations can make properties more attractive to tenants and employees who prioritize sustainability and convenience. This modern amenity can lead to higher occupancy rates and the ability to command premium rental prices, thereby enhancing the overall value of the property.

3. Financial Benefits - With the right pricing strategy, property managers can generate additional revenue streams from EV charging services. Connekt EV Charging software enables seamless management and billing, ensuring users are accurately charged for their consumption. This capability is akin to having a petrol pump in your car park, providing a valuable service while generating income.

4. Future-Proofing - Early adoption of EV charging solutions positions industrial estates as leaders in sustainability and innovation. As more businesses transition to electric fleets, the demand for charging facilities will continue to grow, making it a forward-thinking investment.

Connekt EV Charging for Industrial Estates
Connekt EV Industrial Estate Commercial Charging Solutions

Practical Implementation

Most industrial estates already have the electrical capacity to support EV charging infrastructure. This often means that installing EV chargers may not require significant additional work, as they can be connected to the existing electrical framework Even a small number of chargers can have a significant impact, serving multiple tenants and employees daily as well as attracting nearby, passing drivers who are short on charge and just looking for the nearest, available chargers to stop at.

The Role of EV Chaarging Software

Advanced software solutions are crucial for managing EV charging infrastructure efficiently. Connekt EV Charging software offers capabilities such as real-time monitoring, billing, and user management, ensuring a seamless experience for both property managers and EV users. This software can also integrate with renewable energy sources, further reducing the environmental impact.


Integrating EV charging stations in industrial estates is a strategic move that offers numerous benefits. From enhancing property value and appeal to generating additional revenue and supporting the eMobility industry, the advantages are clear. Using solutions like Connekt EV Charging software ensures efficient management and future-proofs properties in an increasingly electric world. By recognizing the importance of EV charging, property managers can drive their industrial estates toward a more sustainable and profitable future.

* Source ZapMap

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