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EV Charging
Installer Partnerships

Earn revenue for years after charge point installations.
Power up your business by joining the Get Connekted network. Get rewarded as a Connekt Approved Installer Partner.

Enhance Your Services with Electric Vehicle Charging

Win new customers

As the demand for EV charging solutions increases, You can position yourself at the forefront of this thriving market, opening doors to new opportunities and potential clients.

Generate Revenue

With our program, you can earn recurring income from the every charging activity which takes place at the EV units under your recommendation or installation through the Get Connekted network.

Sustainability Goals

Support your clients in meeting their sustainability commitments by offering them environmentally friendly EV charging solutions, helping to contribute to a cleaner and greener future.

Gain a competitive edge in the market by expanding your client base and enhancing your brand with Connekt.

How Does it work?

Meet Your Partnership Manager
Partner with Connekt and work directly with a dedicated partnership manager who understands your business model, desired returns, and level of involvement required.

They’ll subsequently guide you through the process of installing charging points and connecting to the Get Connekted network.
Choose Your Support Level
Connekt offers a variety of support levels, including Sustainability Referral, Full Install, Finance, Network, and Groundworks.

Moreover, you can select the level of support that best fits your requirements and budget.
Work with Our Specialists
Our team of specialists will work with you to install charging points and link them to the Get Connekted network.

Additionally, we’ll make sure your charging points are up and running smoothly, so you can start generating revenue right away.

Powerful Benefits
For Your Clients

Sustainability Commitments

Ensure your clients sustainability commitments are met whilst utilising available grants and tax reliefs.

Roaming Capabilities

Expand reach by making charge points accessible on various EV charging apps through Connekt’s connectivity.

Load Balancing

Optimise electricity distribution with static, dynamic, or true dynamic options.

Customisable Pricing

Easily set unique pricing for various user groups through individual charge point management.

User Management

Easily control access and usage for members, guests, and drivers through Connekt’s platform.

Generate Reports

Monitor payments, billings, and expenses in real-time with the Get Connekted platform.

Just some of our amazing partners

Decarbonising our roads, one charge at a time

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Earn Revenue for Years After You Install EV Chargepoints

Great News! Recurring revenue is now possible for electricians! Work with Connekt and continue to make an income from your EV charging installations, long after you've completed the job.

Team Connekt can tell you exactly how this works - just leave your details and we will be in touch!

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