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EV Charging

Re-connect your employees by offering EV charging as an incentive at their place of work.

Make EV Charging
Work For Your Business

With the rising costs of electricity rates & the continual rapid growth in electric car sales, employees and the public are using existing EV charging facilities at workplaces and business car parks for free.

Given the rising uptake of electrical vehicles among the workforce, Company directors and business owners are finding that their existing charging facilities is just like having a traditional petrol pump in the car park and are having to absorb this cost with no means of recovering the cost in electricity as a result.

Experience unmatched ease and convenience with Connekt's workplace EV chargepoints.

Empowering Workplaces,
One Charge at a Time.

Power up with Connekt

Empower your workforce with convenient workplace EV charging. Let your team stay focused on their tasks, worry-free about their commute range.

Aim for Net Zero

Charge up your employees' commitment to a greener planet. Eliminate emissions from your business vehicles, helping you achieve your Net Zero commitments.

Lead the Charge

Unlock a new revenue stream for your business. Customise Tariffs and efficiently manage energy consumption through our intelligent Client Portal.

Unlock tax reliefs by accurately quantifying the electricity usage of you and your employees electric vehicles charged at your workplace.

Get Connekted
Workplace EV charging

Explore the key benefits foryour business and employees with Workplace EV Charging

Benefit in Kind (BIK) tax

Track EV employee electricity usage which can allow you to gain Benefit in Kind tax reliefs for your business.

Charge As You Go

You can provide your employees with monthly charge allowances where they are able to top up their charge credit on demand.

App-only Access

You are in control of who uses your chargers only pre-authorised users can use your charging points.

Tailored Price Plans

Businesses can provide their employees with preferential charging tariffs at their workplace for their electric vehicles.

Full Control

Log in to your Connekt portal and run reports to track electricity usage on your charging stations specifically per employee.

Public Access

Open your charging stations up to the public and other businesses to pay for your EV infrastructure and create a new revenue stream.

Make EV Charging
Work for You.

Initial Consultation and Goal Assessment
One of Connekt’s EV charging specialists will meet with you to understand your company’s desired goals.

This meeting will include location of the charge points, existing electrical infrastructure and desired financial returns via the ‘Get Connekted’ network.
Integration with the Get Connekted Network
Integrate your chargers with our Get Connekted app which works alongside our advanced cloud-based operating platform.
Customised Tariff Creation
Create bespoke tariffs to suit your business’s desired return.

You can set pricing to cover the cost of the new charging facilities or create a new revenue stream for your business.
Professional Installation and Network Setup
Connekts specialist installers will install your new charging points, link them to our ‘Get Connekted’ network and set up everything you need to turn your car park into a 24/7 revenue generator!
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