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April 11, 2024

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Offer EV Charging to the Public

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is in full swing, and the United Kingdom is at the forefront of this sustainable transition. As more people make the switch to electric cars, the demand for convenient and accessible EV charging infrastructure is on the rise. If you're a business owner in the Scotland, England or Wales, you might be wondering whether offering EV charging to the public is a smart move. In this article, we'll explore five compelling reasons why it makes sense to embrace Connekt EV charging solutions and provide them to your customers.

1. Attract a Growing Customer Base

As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to surge, EV drivers are actively seeking locations where they can charge their cars while going about their daily activities. By offering EV charging services, you can attract a new and loyal customer base. These environmentally-conscious consumers are more likely to choose your business over competitors, enhancing foot traffic and sales. Furthermore, becoming an EV charging destination can help establish your brand as forward-thinking and eco-friendly.

2. Boost Revenue and Profitability

EV charging infrastructure can be a source of revenue for your business. Depending on your business model, you can charge EV drivers for the electricity they consume or include it as a complimentary service to attract more customers. By using Connekt's cloud-based software you can monetise EV charging and tap into a growing market and increase your overall profitability.

7kw and 22kw chargers installed on the Isle of Arran.

3. Contribute to Sustainability Goals

Demonstrating your commitment to sustainability can improve your company's image and help meet environmental goals. Offering EV charging as part of your services aligns with the UK's net-zero emission targets and showcases your dedication to reducing your carbon footprint. Sustainability initiatives can resonate with your customers, partners, and stakeholders, fostering a positive brand perception and potential partnerships.

4. Regulatory and Incentive Support

The UK government and local authorities are actively supporting the expansion of EV charging infrastructure. There are various grants and incentives available to businesses willing to invest in this technology. By offering EV charging, you can access these incentives, which can help offset your initial investment costs and encourage further growth in your business.

5. Future-Proof Your Business

The transition to electric vehicles is not a passing trend; it's a fundamental shift in the automotive industry. By embracing EV charging, you future-proof your business and ensure its relevance in a changing market. As more vehicles become electric, the demand for charging stations will only increase, making your investment a wise long-term strategy.

In conclusion, offering EV charging to the public is a forward-thinking move for your business. It allows you to attract a growing customer base, increase revenue, contribute to sustainability goals, access regulatory support and incentives, and future-proof your company. The benefits extend beyond financial gains, as your business becomes a part of the sustainable transportation solution that is shaping the future of the UK. So, whether you run a restaurant, a retail store, or any other type of business, consider incorporating Connekt EV charging into your services to reap these rewards and be part of the green revolution. Check out some of our Case Studies for further information.

As the EV revolution charges ahead, don't let your business get left behind. Start offering Connekt EV charging solutions to the public today and position your business as a leader in the sustainable future.

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