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April 11, 2024

Empowering EV Charging with Connekt's Advanced Software Solutions

In the dynamic world of electric vehicle (EV) charging, innovation is key to creating a seamless and efficient charging experience.

At Connekt, we pride ourselves on offering cutting-edge software solutions that not only enhance the EV charging process but also contribute to a more reliable and resilient electrical grid. Let's delve into the remarkable features of Connekt's software that are revolutionising the EV charging landscape.

Load Balancing for Grid Resilience

Maintaining the stability of the electrical grid is a crucial consideration in the modern world. Connekt's software introduces the concept of 'load balancing,' an essential mechanism for ensuring consistent and uninterrupted electricity delivery to customers. By preventing power overloads and the associated risks of power cuts, load balancing optimises the utilisation of available electrical resources. This technology not only benefits EV drivers but also contributes to the overall reliability and resilience of the grid.

Smart Charging for User Convenience

Connekt's smart charging software takes the user experience to the next level by offering remote control and monitoring capabilities. EV drivers can effortlessly manage their charging sessions through the intuitive GetConnekted app or web interfaces. With a simple scan of the QR code, drivers can initiate, stop, and monitor their active charging sessions. This puts the power of control directly in the hands of the driver, allowing them to customise the duration of their charging sessions according to their needs.

Empowering Customers with Back Office Access

Our commitment to customer empowerment extends to our back office network. Connekt's technology and software allow customers to log in to their dedicated back office network, providing them with valuable insights and tools. This includes the ability to view and generate reports on their own charging stations. This transparency and access enable customers to make informed decisions and optimise their EV charging operations.

Diverse Payment Methods for Flexibility

Connekt's software understands the importance of providing diverse payment options to EV drivers. Through the GetConnekted app, drivers can choose between pre-pay top-up methods and pay-as-you-go models. Additionally, RFID cards and quick, secure payment options like Google Pay and Apple Pay can also be utilised. This versatility ensures that EV drivers can effortlessly manage their payments, enhancing the overall user experience.

Full Pricing Control for Revenue Generation

We believe in giving our customers full autonomy over their EV charging infrastructure. Connekt's software empowers customers to have complete control over how much they charge per kilowatt-hour (kW). This level of pricing control not only offers flexibility to customers but also enables them to maximise any revenue generated from their EV charging stations.

Remote Diagnostics for Efficiency

Connekt's back office software offers a remarkable capability – remote diagnostics and fixes. This advanced feature allows for the resolution of up to 96.5% of issues remotely. With the ability to diagnose problems via our back office, we ensure that the efficiency and reliability of the charging network are maintained, providing drivers with a seamless charging experience.

At Connekt, we're not just advancing EV charging; we're reshaping the future of sustainable transportation through our innovative software solutions. With a commitment to grid stability, user convenience, customer empowerment, and advanced diagnostics, Connekt's software represents a crucial cornerstone in the evolution of EV charging technology.

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