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Empowering Community Charge: CentreStage Communities Leads the Way in Sustainable Solutions

The Background

CentreStage Communities, deeply rooted in fostering community engagement and sustainability, faced a pressing challenge. The goal was to serve their eco-conscious CentreStage Community effectively while creating a revenue stream. Simultaneously, they needed to ensure convenient and accessible charging facilities for CentreStage staff while accurately tracking kilowatt-hour (kW) usage. This confluence of needs prompted the search for a comprehensive and sustainable solution.

The Solution

In June 2023, CentreStage Communities partnered with Connekt, a strategic move that led to the installation of 6x 22kW public chargers and 2x 7.4 workplace chargers. The integration of Connekt's solution provided not only the hardware but also access to software reporting, granting CentreStage Communities full control over pricing for charging. This dynamic solution seamlessly addressed the challenges, paving the way for a hassle-free charging experience for the community, integrating seamlessly with CentreStage activities. Simultaneously, it opened a channel for additional revenue, reinforcing the community, and allowed for discounted charging rates for CentreStage staff.


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The Clever Bit

The clever integration of Connekt's charging infrastructure and software into CentreStage Communities' setup exemplifies innovation meeting sustainability. Not only does this solution cater to the eco-conscious community by providing easy access to charging facilities during their community engagements, but it also generates an extra revenue stream to be reinvested back into the community. Furthermore, the provision of discounted charging rates for staff adds an extra layer of employee benefit, showcasing CentreStage Communities as a forward-thinking, community-focused entity leading the charge toward a greener and more inclusive future.

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