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Introduce us to a Key Team Member at ANY business.
Should they proceed with Connekt you will receive £250 for the referral!*

Why Referrals Matter

Play your part in the UK reaching Net Zero

The world is changing. Fossil fuel transport has been identified as one of the leading causes of global warming.

In the future, every car manufactured will be electric. And every business and carpark will offer EV charging as standard.

For this reason, the government are incentivising businesses to offer EV Chargers in their carparks, with grants of up to £15,000 available. The move to Electric Cars is happening at pace, and you can play your part...

Refer A Business

Referring to Connekt

How It works...

step 1

Complete our referral form, providing the contact details of the person and business you are referring.

step 2

We will reach out to them for a full fact find and talk them through how they can offer EV Charging for minimal cost (often becoming an extra revenue stream).

Refer A Business

step 3

When they become a Connekt customer you will be paid a £250 referral fee*.

Refer A Business

Why Refer Connekt?

Connekt are a UK Leader in EV charging solutions for businesses.

If you know someone in a senior/leadership role at a business that has a customer or staff carpark - the chances are they are already exploring EV charging solutions.

Refer them to Connekt, help them meet their sustainability goals. Earn £250 for the referral*.

Refer A Business

No Upfront Costs

No upfront financial costs for installations like other providers.

Increase Footfall

EV drivers choose destinations where they can charge up!

Search Engines

Appear in top leisure booking search engines.

Make Profit

Monetise your charging points when your customers use them.

Meet Net Zero Goals

Play your part in the UK's sustainability initiatives.

Stay Ahead of Curve

Beat the competition and provide exceptional service.

Refer A Business

Who Can You Refer?

Make it count!

Refer A Business

You could refer a friend, a neighbour, a family member, an old acquaintance from school. Anyone who has a carpark at their business/place of work and will have a need for EV Charging facilities!

These will often have job titles such as (but not exclusive to):

  • Manager

  • Director

  • Head of People/HR

  • Founder

  • Partner

  • Owner

Recent Connekt Installations

Jack's Alt Stays

Recognising the crucial role of eco-friendly transportation in their endeavor, Jack'sAlt Stays decided to install four Garo Entity 7.4kw charging stations. These state-of-the-art charging stations are not just a practical solution for electric vehicles; they are a symbol of the commitment to reducing the environmental impact associated with travel. This luxury tourism accommodation has also embraced Connekt’s bespoke software, seamlessly integrating it into the charging stations. The innovative software not only enhances the efficiency of the charging process but also enables real time monitoring and management. This provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for drivers using Jack's Alt Stays.

Gailes Hotel & Spa

Connekt and the team at SimpsInns agreed that a charging solution that catered for guests visiting their restaurant, spa facilities, driving range as well as their overnight guests at the hotel was key and ticking all these boxes was exactly what took place. Connekt Installed 1 x dual 22kw charging station & 1 x 7.4kw dual charging station (4 connectors in total). The dual fast chargers will cater perfectly for visitors at the spa, restaurant or range who are in for a couple of hours and looking for a quick top up of charge whilst the 7.4kw overnight chargers catered perfectly for any guest traveling to visit the hotel. Not only will these facilities attract new EV driving clients who may have never visited before but the business has now got a financially sustainable solution in place.

Refer A Business

Ayr United Footbal Club

Following a successful site survey, we proceeded on the recommendation to install 2 x 22kw fast charging units with full integration to the Get Connekted app allowing visitors to Ayr United to charge their Electric Vehicles. These units were pole mounted after completing ground work from the existing power supply to the new EV charging area situated in the newly tarmacked car park. Connekt carry out all the electrical work, ground works and installation of the solution with our own highly experienced in-house team. All works were carried out during the day to avoid any disruption to matchday operations with minimal disruption to business.

Refer A Business


Why Should I Refer to Connekt?
The move from fossil fuel vehicles to electric vehicles is one of the biggest challenges we face in ensuring the UK reaches Net Zero by 2050. In order to meet this challenge we simply must have the charging infrastructure in place. By referring a busines to Connekt you will be playing your part in heping that business reduce it's own carbon emissions, but also for it to contribute to the UK's 2050 Net Zero pledge.
* When Will I Receive My Referral Payment?
We will provide you with £250 in vouchers for a retailer of your choice. These will be provided 90 days after the referred business completes it's first EV charge.
How Will I Be Kept Up To Date With My Referral?
After you refer a business to Connekt you will be contacted by a named individual on our Team. We will reach out to your referral and provide feedback following that call. We will keep you regularly updated and you can check in at any time.
Can I Refer More Than Once?
Absolutely. If you can provide warm introductions to key team members at multiple companies yo could well receive multiple referral payments. 10 referrals could lead to £2,500 worth of referral payments!
Do Connekt Cover UK-Wide?
Absolutely. Connekt EV Charging can install EV chargers from Perth to Penzance, and everywhere in-between! Whether for Workplaces, Golf Clubs, Hotels, Factories, Leisure Facilities or anywhere else - where there is a need for cars to park, Connekt can install EV Chargers!
How Long Is My Referral Valid For?
We use our main customer contract as the barmoeter here. If the referred business signs a contract for an installation with Connekt, within 12 months from the date we receive your referral, you will be eligible to receive you £250 payment.
Refer A Business