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Empowering Sustainable Getaways: Brighouse Bay Holiday Park Leads the Charge with Integrated EV Charging Solutions

The Background

Brighouse Bay Holiday Park, surrounded by natural beauty and offering diverse recreational activities, found a growing segment of eco-minded electric vehicle (EV) drivers seeking a sustainable EV charging solution while enjoying the park's amenities. This rising demand necessitated a reliable and eco-friendly EV charging infrastructure to cater to environmentally conscious guests. Moreover, the park sought to leverage this trend as an opportunity for revenue generation, emphasizing the importance of a sustainable and profitable approach through an effective EV charging system.

The Solution

In response to the challenge of promoting sustainability while enhancing revenue, Brighouse Bay Holiday Park collaborated with Connekt. The proposed solution entailed the installation of a dual 22kW charger complemented by a tailored back office software solution, equipped with comprehensive reporting functionality. This seamless integration empowered the holiday park to monitor and manage EV charging usage, aligning with their dedication to sustainable operations.

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The Clever Bit

The implementation of Connekt's solution revolutionised Brighouse Bay Holiday Park's approach to sustainability and revenue generation. The dual 22kW charger not only underscores their commitment to environmental responsibility but also introduces an additional revenue stream. This intelligent initiative serves as a powerful incentive for eco-conscious drivers to choose Brighouse Bay as their preferred destination, showcasing the park's ability to blend sustainable practices with a compelling visitor experience. By embracing such forward-thinking, sustainable solutions, Brighouse Bay Holiday Park is redefining eco-friendly getaways and setting a new industry standard for responsible tourism within the leisure and hospitality sector.

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