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Workplace and Destination

Empowering Wellness Drive: Healthy Valleys Advocates Sustainable Health

The Background

Healthy Valleys, a non-profit community-led health and wellbeing organisation, has consistently aimed to enhance their already remarkable health and wellbeing services. In June 2023, they identified an opportunity to align their mission with sustainability by embracing a more eco-friendly approach. Their challenge was to integrate a sustainable solution that not only advanced their health initiatives but also promoted environmental well-being.

The Solution

In pursuit of this vision, Healthy Valleys partnered with Connekt, leading to the installation of a 22kW workplace charger. This strategic move not only facilitated EV charging but also included essential features like comprehensive reporting for BIK tax compliance, allowing staff to charge for free. Additionally, the implementation of the "Get Connekted" app ensured a seamless and efficient user experience, adding to the holistic solution.

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The Clever Bit

The ingenious fusion of Connekt's technology with Healthy Valleys' health and wellbeing initiatives showcases a forward-thinking approach. By integrating a workplace charger and leveraging reporting features for tax compliance, they effectively intertwine sustainability with their organisational values. The provision of free charging for staff encourages a culture of environmental responsibility within the organisation while aligning with their commitment to promoting health and wellness. This initiative paints Healthy Valleys as not just a leader in health and wellbeing but also as a pioneer in adopting sustainable practices, setting a benchmark for non-profit organisations to integrate eco-conscious solutions seamlessly into their operations.

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