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Old Course Ranfurly Golf Club

The Background

Public Charging network goes Out of Bounds again at Old Course Ranfurly Golf Club

Old Course Ranfurly Golf Club had 2 x 7.4kw slow charging units installed several years ago by The Scottish Governments Public charging network Chargepoint Scotland to help provide members & guests of the club with charging facilities.

The public charging network fell short as the infrastructure did not provide drivers who charged at the golf club with enough range given they were just 7.4kw charging stations which only provide around 30 miles of range per 1 hour charged.

The charging points were often unavailable and maintenance was required which left EV drivers with an unreliable location to charge their car.

The charging solution also became costly in electricity expenditure as the network did not provide any remuneration on charges that were carried out to cover the cost of electricity spent.

Connekt's Solution

The Connekt team met with Graham, the Club manager to understand the golf clubs EV charging requirements as well as carrying out electrical site surveys to ensure our team recommended a future proof solution.

As there had been existing ducting in place from the old charging, this was utilised to save cost and disruption in the car park.

The Connekt team identified that there was enough power from the existing supply to install 2 x 22kw fast charging units for the clubs members and guests. However, we would have to utilise our networks load balancing technology to ensure that the charging units electric output never exceeds the capacity when 2 cars are charging simultaneously.

Charge As You Golf

The 22kw charging units will typically charge members and guests cars from 20% to 100% in the duration of dwell time that the car is charging whilst playing a round of golf (4 hours).

Old Course Ranfurly Golf club also have the capability to offer the reliable charging facilities at just 50p per KW via the Get Connekted network and app which not only provide their members and guests with a reliable location to charge their EV’s but also means to covering the cost of the electricity used.

In addition, the club now have the capability to make an additional revenue stream which not only covers the electricity cost, the monthly rental of the charging solution but also to make an extra revenue stream to create a new finance pot which can be used when the golf club decide to add to the charging infrastructure in the future.

Reliable Charging with Connekts private Network

Connekt was created to make the transition to Electric vehicles seamless by providing charging solutions at EV drivers destinations that suit their lifestyles.

Connekts private network which comes with preferential charging tariffs at each of the EVCP hosts has a 98% reliability charge rating as the network is managed by a local dedicated team based in Scotland.

Many faults are often identified and solved by our network team before drivers are even aware of the fault thanks to the remote diagnosis technology built into the network.

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The Clever Bit

Our 22kw charging solution, based on an average 2 hour charging time offers roughly 180 miles of range – perfect for topping up your car charge whilst visitors enjoy a round of golf, relax in the clubhouse or visit the shop. In addition to providing a convenient charging solution for visitors, our charging solution can also help your business meet its net zero and sustainability commitments. The chargers are connected to our back office system, with drivers signing up via our Get Connekted app.

This allows the golf club to manage and monitor their charging infrastructure, run reports and generate additional revenue by setting preferential tarrifs and rates to suit their needs with members and visitors having the options to gain preferential charging rates via the Get Connekted app or quick pay via the quick pay QR option (via Apple Pay / Google Pay).

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