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The Buccleuch Arms Case Study

The Background

The Buccleuch Arms Brings the Past into the Present with EV Charging Infrastructure Upgrade.

The Buccleuch Arms is a historic hotel located in the small village of Boswell near the Scottish Borders. The hotel dates back to the 17th century and has a rich history. Today, the Buccleuch Arms Hotel continues to be a popular destination for visitors to the area, offering a range of modern amenities in a traditional setting.

Located near the busy A68 road between Scotland and England, the hotel sees a steady stream of visitors stopping for coffee, a meal, or an overnight stay. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, it became clear that the hotel needed a charging solution to keep up with the changing times.

The Solution

Our team of skilled professionals conducted a thorough site survey and assessed the work required, including a small 5-metre excavation for the foundation. Based on the assessment and the specific needs of Buccleuch, we recommended and installed a new dual 22kw fast charger solution which allows two visitors to charge their vehicles simultaneously.

We ensured maximum safety for the EV solution by installing a new Matte-e distribution board and running SWA cabling from the board through the hotel garden to the front of the hotel. In addition, appropriate signage was installed to ensure clear direction for visitors and finished with 2 bays being painted and marked for EV charging use only.

Our team was responsible for every aspect of the job, from the initial survey to the excavation, electrical installation, and ongoing maintenance. To minimise disruption, the work was carried out during off-peak hours to avoid disruption to the business. The charger is integrated with our advanced cloud-based management system, which allows drivers to easily sign up and start charging. This also enables Buccleuch to effectively monitor and manager their new chargers.

"Connekt representatives have from the beginning been efficient with their communication, their presentation of information has been clear and pre-arranged meetings have been attended by pleasant and polite employees.The process from first meeting to delivery / installation was well organised and speedily delivered. We were very happy with the way the work was assessed prior to the actual installation and the work was carried out in a very tidy manner with as little disruption to the day to day running of the hotel as possible. Both inside and out."

William Hamilton - Owner, Buccleuch Arms

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The Clever Bit

Our 22kw charging solution, based on an average 2 hour charging time offers roughly 180 miles of range – perfect for topping up your car charge whilst visiting for a bite to eat, a cup of coffee or an overnight stay. The chargers are connected to our back office system, with drivers signing up via our Get Connekted app.

This allows the business to manage and monitor their charging infrastructure, run reports and generate additional revenue by setting preferential tarrifs and rates to suit their needs with guests and visitors having the options to gain preferential charging rates via the Get Connekted app or quick pay via the quick pay QR option (via Apple Pay / Google Pay).

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