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Energising Hospitality Sustainably: The Gleniffer Leads the Charge in Guest Experience

The Background

The Gleniffer, an establishment encompassing a hotel, restaurant, and wedding venue, has always strived to enhance its offerings for guests while aligning with sustainable practices. In June 2022, they encountered the challenge of providing additional facilities to guests in a sustainable and hassle-free manner. The goal was to enhance guest experience without compromising on their commitment to sustainability.

The Solution

To address this challenge, The Gleniffer collaborated with Connekt experts, who conducted a thorough site survey. This analysis led to the strategic installation of 2 x 22kW chargers, precisely tailored to meet the specific needs of The Gleniffer. The Connekt team guided The Gleniffer in identifying the best solution that not only enhanced guest facilities but also generated additional revenue for the business.

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The Clever Bit

The seamless integration of Connekt's expertise with The Gleniffer's vision showcases a remarkable fusion of sustainability and hospitality. The strategic installation of 22kW chargers not only serves guests with enhanced facilities but also boosts revenue, positioning The Gleniffer as a forward-thinking, eco-friendly business. This initiative not only meets the challenge at hand but also pioneers a paradigm shift in how hospitality businesses can effectively integrate sustainable solutions, providing a clear pathway for others in the industry to follow suit and embrace eco-conscious practices.

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