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Enhancing Visitor Experience and Sustainability at The Glenturret Distillery through EV Charging Solutions


Established in 1763, The Glenturret Distillery is one of Scotland's oldest whisky distilleries. Nestled in the picturesque town of Crieff, it boasts a rich heritage and a dedication to artisanal whisky-making methods. Over the centuries, it has become a renowned destination, visited by writers, poets, and dignitaries. As custodians of this historic site, the distillery is committed to preserving its heritage while embracing innovative and sustainable practices.

With a noticeable increase in electric vehicle (EV) arrivals, The Glenturret Distillery aimed to enhance its visitor experience by providing on-site EV charging. This initiative was aligned with their broader sustainability goals and their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.

While investigating the right solution, Connekt considered the following:

Visitor Demand: Increasing numbers of EV-driving visitors required convenient and efficient charging solutions.

Sustainability Goals: The distillery aimed to support its sustainability strategy by reducing emissions and promoting green transportation.

Infrastructure: Implementing an EV charging solution that complemented the distillery’s historic and picturesque setting.

The EV Charging Solution

In collaboration with Connekt EV, The Glenturret Distillery installed three 22kW Garo chargers, providing six EV charging bays, including two disabled-accessible bays. These chargers were strategically placed to ensure they were accessible yet unobtrusive, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the site.

Key Features of the Installation:

  • 22kW Garo Chargers: Each charger provides approximately 180 miles of range with a 2-hour charge, ideal for visitors enjoying a distillery tour.
  • Six Charging Bays: The installation includes two bays specifically designed for disabled access, ensuring inclusivity for all visitors.
  • Sustainability Integration: The chargers contribute to the distillery's goal of becoming Net Zero by 2040, supporting their decarbonization efforts across Scope 1 and 2 emissions.
  • EV Charging Software: Connekt's bespoke EV Charging software, allowing the car parking spaces to be monetised and allowing electricity costs to be be passed back to the EV drivers using the facility

“The EV Chargers from Connekt have contributed significantly to the sustainability strategy of the distillery"

Lucy Armstrong - Sustainability Officer, The Glenturret Distillery

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The installation of EV charging stations at The Glenturret Distillery is a testament to their commitment to innovation and sustainability. By providing this service, they not only meet the growing needs of their visitors but also contribute to broader environmental goals.

  • Enhanced Visitor Experience: The availability of EV charging stations has made the distillery a more attractive destination for EV owners, increasing foot traffic and visitor satisfaction.
  • Sustainability Impact: The installation supports The Glenturret’s commitment to sustainability, aligning with their efforts to reduce emissions and conserve resources.
  • Increased Stay Duration: Visitors are likely to spend more time at the distillery while their vehicles charge, potentially increasing revenue from tours and shop sales.
  • Providing sustainable EV charging solutions for their staff and custmers reflects The Glenturret's dedication to preserving the past while looking forward to a sustainable future, ensuring that this historic distillery continues to be a cherished destination for generations to come.

    "We are over the moon to be supporting yet another Scottish Distillery with their sustainability efforts. Not only does the whisky industry continue to be a driving force within tourism to the country, it is also forging the way with regards the country's Net Zero sustainability goals too. Thank you to the whole Glenturret team who have been a joy to work with throughout the process"

    - Chris Payne, Business Development Manager

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