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Charging Towards a Sustainable Future: The Grange Business Centre's Path to Eco-Conscious Success with Connekt EV Charging

The Background

The Grange Business Centre, located in Stevenston, embarked on a mission to not only create an eco-conscious workspace but also to champion sustainable transportation solutions. When presented with the opportunity to partner with Connekt and recognising the advantages of integrating EV Charging with a smart, accessible back-office solution, they made the decision to install and implement Connekt’s Network software.

The Solution

The objectives were to encompass a multifaceted approach aimed at enhancing the company’s overall sustainability. Aiming to attract environmentally conscious tenants who share their unwavering commitment to sustainability. In doing so, they plan to elevate the appeal of their property within a fiercely competitive market, positioning themselves as a preferred choice for those who prioritise eco-conscious living. The integration to Connekts network software has allowed the Grange Business Centre to generate another source of revenue, allowing for future financial stability to help towards implementing a more sustainable future.


Connekt EV Charging conducted a comprehensive assessment of the site to identify the most optimal charging station locations. Subsequently, 4x 22kW chargers were installed by our expert electrical team, featuring user-friendly interfaces designed for ease of use. The Grange have introduced transparent pricing and exclusive discounts for their tenants.


The introduction of Connekts EV charging infrastructure at The Grange Business Centre has had a positive impact on their operations. Firstly, it has attracted tenants who value their commitment to a greener future, enhancing their tenant base. Simultaneously, partnering with Connekt has added a substantial competitive advantage upon the business centre, setting them apart in the market as a forward thinking and eco-conscious choice.

The collaborative effort between Connekt and The Grange Business Centre has proven to be a resounding success. By integrating EV Charging infrastructure into their property, they have solidified their position as a forward-thinking, sustainable business within the industry. This case study serves as a testament to the transformative benefits of incorporating Connekts EV Charging solution into commercial properties, not only for sustainability but also for the enhancement of competitiveness and profitability.

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The Clever Bit

Our 22kw charging solution, based on an average 2 hour charging time offers roughly 180 miles of range. In addition to providing a convenient charging solution for visitors, our charging solution has helped with meeting meet their net zero and sustainability commitments. The chargers are connected to our back office system, with drivers signing up via our Get Connekted app.

This allows the business centre to manage and monitor their charging infrastructure, run reports and generate additional revenue by setting preferential tariffs and rates to suit their needs with members and visitors having the options to gain preferential charging rates via the Get Connekted app or quick pay via the quick pay QR option (via Apple Pay / Google Pay).

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