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The Lairds Table Case Study

The Background

The Lairds Table at Craufurdland Estate Leads the Charge with New EV Charging Stations.

The Laird's Table, located at the historic Craufurdland Estate in Ayrshire, is a restaurant and coffee shop known for its picturesque surroundings and locally sourced cuisine. The historical estate, dating back to the 1300s, attracts tourists, walkers and visitors who want to experience its unique beauty.

o cater to the growing popularity of electric vehicles and the increasing demand for EV charging options, the Estate aimed to install EV charging stations to offer guests a sustainable and convenient charging solution while they dine and admire the views of the private loch. The business required a solution that was easily manageable which allowed them to quantify electricity usage, set preferential charging rates and most importantly, was easy for their guests to use.

The Solution

Following a comprehensive site assessment, we recommended installing a 22kw fast charging unit, fully integrated with our advanced cloud-based platform, allowing visitors to effortlessly charge their electric vehicles using our Get Connekted app. These units connected to the existing power supply and pole-mounted with a highly visible bull bar at the base for protection.

Our in-house team of highly skilled professionals handled all electrical work, ground works, and installation of the solution, with minimal disruption to the club and visitors. The chargers are connected to our advanced cloud-based management system, enabling drivers to sign up through the Get Connekted app. This allows the club to effectively manage and monitor the charging solution, set preferential tariffs and rates for both members and visitors, generate reports, as well as the option to create a new revenue stream.

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The Clever Bit

Our 22kw charging solution, based on an average 2 hour charging time offers roughly 180 miles of range (speed of charging based on battery type of EV) – perfect for topping up your car charge whilst you grab a bite to eat. The chargers are connected to our back office system, with drivers signing up via our Get Connekted app.

This allows the business to manage and monitor their charging infrastructure, run reports and generate additional revenue by setting preferential tarrifs and rates to suit their needs with customers having the options to gain preferential charging rates via the Get Connekted app or quick pay via the quick pay QR option (via Apple Pay / Google Pay).

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