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Charity & Rehabilitation Centre

The River Garden Project Case Study

The Background

At River Garden Auchincruive, their mission is to support individuals in overcoming drug and alcohol addiction through a unique model of recovery. Unlike traditional approaches, their program offers residents the opportunity to reflect, grow and flourish over three years of residency.

Over the years, River Garden has evolved into a hub of social entrepreneurship, education and rehabilitation. Their residents are integral partners in this journey towards transformative change.

In line with their ethos of empowerment and sustainability, The River Garden made the decision to embark on the installation of Electrical Vehicle Chargers. This is where Connekt EV Charging came in…

The Solution

To ensure their vision to further the fight for sustainability becomes a reality, River Garden made the decision to partner with Connekt EV Charging. With Connekt’s help and guidance, River Garden made decided to install 2x 22Kw Garo dual chargers (charging for 4 Electric Vehicles).

Alongside this, River Garden have also embraced Connekt’s  bespoke EV Charging Software, integrating it into this charging stations. The innovative software not only allows the River Garden to track electricity usage, but also acts as another stream of revenue for the charity. Connekt’s EV Charging Software not only enhances the efficiency of the charging process but also enables real time monitoring and management. This provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for drivers visiting the River Garden grounds or Bothy Café.

"We are delighted to have been able to support The River Garden Project with their drive towards a more sustainable future. Not only are they committed to helping people, they are committed to helping the planet too. We were over the moon to support."

Johnny Manning - Founder, Connekt EV Charging

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The Clever Bit

Our 22kw charging solution, based on an average 2hour charging time offers roughly 180 miles of range – perfect for topping up your car charge whilst you shop or grab a bite to eat. The chargers are connected to our back office system, with drivers signing up via our GetConnekted app.

This allows the business to manage and monitor their charging infrastructure, run reports and generate additional revenue by setting preferential tariffs and rates to suit their needs with customers having the options to gain preferential charging rates via the Get Connektedapp or quick pay via the quick pay QR option (via Apple Pay / Google Pay).

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