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Tralee Bay - Helping EV Drivers Enjoy Their Relaxing Holiday Break


Tralee Bay Holiday Village is a premier 5-star, self-catering holiday park nestled on the picturesque west coast of Scotland, just 9 miles from Oban. Spread across 26 acres of lush woodlands overlooking the stunning Ardmucknish Bay, it offers the perfect retreat for families seeking a relaxing beachside holiday. The park boasts a variety of accommodations, ranging from spacious, modern caravans to luxurious 4-star lodges, with pet-friendly units also available.

With a plethora of activities and amenities, Tralee Bay caters to all interests. Guests can enjoy a play park equipped with zip wires, a BBQ area, a fly fishing pond, and a slipway for launching boats. The award-winning chip shop, open from March to October, offers delectable meals from Wednesday to Saturday. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the woodland walks and the mile-long beach, ideal for exploration and relaxation.

The Decision to Install EV Chargers

In response to the growing demand for sustainable travel options, Tralee Bay Holiday Village made the strategic decision to install EV chargers. The manager highlighted that many customers had inquired about the availability of EV charging facilities, reflecting a significant shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) among visitors. Additionally, Tralee Bay has committed to promoting a greener lifestyle, evidenced by their investment in EV work vans and electric machinery. The installation of EV chargers was a natural extension of their sustainability efforts.

The EV Charging Solution

Connekt EV Charging installed an EVEC dual 22kW charger at Tralee Bay Holiday Village. This state-of-the-art charger provides drivers with up to 180 miles of range on a 2-hour charge, ensuring that guests can quickly and efficiently charge their vehicles during their stay. Our bespoke EV Charging Software was also installed, allowing the business to recoup the energy costs from drivers choosing to use the service.

Enhancing Customer Experience

The introduction of EV charging stations has significantly enhanced the customer experience at Tralee Bay Holiday Village. Visitors now have the convenience of charging their EVs while enjoying the serene environment and various activities the park offers.

Post-install we spoke with General Manager Patrick Shellcock who noted that the chargers have been well-received, with numerous positive feedback from guests who appreciate the ability to relax and recharge both themselves and their vehicles.

Q - What made you decide to get EV chargers installed?

A - We installed EV chargers because we had noticed that there was such a high demand for them from our customers. We have also invested in buying EV work vans and electric machinery to try and promote a greener way of living so the two really went hand in hand.

Q - How has it improved your customer experience?

A - Before we bought our EV chargers we had quite a lot of questions on when we would be getting them because there wasn't many in the area. Since getting them they have been put to good use by customers and we have received some fantastic feedback on them. We have now provided a relaxing holiday for EV drivers where they can relax in their accommodation while they get a full charge.

“We have provided a relaxing holiday for EV drivers where they can unwind in their accommodation whilst getting a full charge”.

Patrick Shellcock - General Manager, Tralee Bay Coastal Parks

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The installation of EV chargers at Tralee Bay Holiday Village by Connekt EV Charging is a testament to the park's commitment to sustainability and enhancing customer experience. Guests can now enjoy a worry-free, eco-friendly holiday, knowing that their EV charging needs are met. This initiative not only caters to the current demand but also positions Tralee Bay as a forward-thinking, environmentally responsible holiday destination.

Commitment to Sustainability and Net Zero Goals

Tralee Bay Holiday Village is dedicated to sustainability and contributing to net zero goals. By installing EV chargers and adopting electric work vehicles and machinery, they are reducing their carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly practices. These efforts align with broader initiatives to combat climate change and support a sustainable future for tourism and hospitality industries.

For more information about Tralee Bay Holiday Village, visit their website here.

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